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PS-Str   Nautical Stripes Dog Collar
UC-grd   Navy Gridlock dog collar
iss-nsh   Navy Star dog hoodie
ZNZ   New Puppy Cuddle Blanket
dcnyc1   New Puppy Toy
UC-Newb   Newberry Stripes Dog Collar
UC-reef   Ocean Reef Dog Collar
HD-olskl   Olive Skull Faux Suede Harness Vest
HD-Olvstr   Olive Star Faux Suede Harness Vest
ISSGD   On Sale - Gold Velvet Dog Dress
dt47   One Love Heart Dog Toys
UC-ORC   Orange Circles Dog Collars-CLEARANCE
WW-Or-Dot   Orange Dot Polka Dot Dog Collar
WW-Orange-Martini   Orange Martini Dog Collar
WW-OB   Orange on Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar
UC-ORS   Orange Riley Stripes Dog Collars-CLEARANCE
ortcUC   Orange Riley Stripes Small Dog Collar
Orbee-Bulb   Orbee-Tuff® Lil' Bulb with Treat Spot™
dt50   Organic Hotdog Dog Toys
PP-TT   Original Taco Dog Costume
ST-kcc   out of stock
UC-Palm   Palm Trees Dog Collar - CLEARANCE
iss-928647WHT   Party Dog Tank
iss-lpp   Patriotic Pooch Dog Tank
pctcUC   Peace Sign Small Dog Collar
UC-pchar   Peace Signs Dog Harness
MPP-crocprz   Personalized Dog Collars - Croc 2 tiered
MPP-PTB   Petite white Dog Collar with Bling gems
dt33   Petstages Multi Texture Chew Ring Toy
HD-tddb   Pink & Brown Rose Tie Dye Dress
Dashes-Pink   Pink and Black Dashes Groomer Dog Barrette
PSD-PW-Dots   Pink and White Dots Dog Collar
PcacUC   Pink Camouflage Dog Collar
SL-DotsCuddle   Pink Chocolate Dots Dog Blanket by Susan Lanci
Barrette-CrysPink   Pink Crystal Big Dog Bone Barrette
DD-PP2   Pink Daisy Flower Dog Dress
pdtcUC   Pink Daisy Small Dog Collar
HD-PFlr   Pink Fleur de Lis sweater/Hoodie
Barrette-PinkFurberry   Pink Furberry Plaid Dog Barrette
pgtcUC   Pink Gingham Dog Collar Teacup
DOGG-DROD   Pink Hemp one Daisy Harness Dress
MPP-MPLfc   PInk Leather Croc and Crystal Dog Collars
SL-PinkCuddle   Pink Lynx Cuddle Cup Dog Blanket by Susan Lanci
WW-Martini-Pnk   Pink Martini Dog Collar
HD-PNKM   Pink Mesh with skull dog harness
SL-Pinkmk   Pink Mink Cuddle Cup by Susan Lanci
HD-pmh   Pink Mohawk Dog Hoodie
WW-PB   Pink on Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar
WW-pnk-brwn   Pink on Brown Polka Dot Dog Collar
ISS-PPD   Pink Plaid w/ Flower Dog Dress
UC-pnkflw   Pink Power Flowers Dog Collar
UC-pnkHar   Pink Power Flowers Dog Harness
WW-Pnk-Star   Pink Rock Star Dog Collar
UC-sshel   Pink Sea Shells Dog Collar - CLEARANCE
HD-pnkskl   Pink Skull Faux Suede Harness Vest
WW-Pnk-Skulls   Pink Skulls n' Roses Dog Collar
HD-pnkstr   Pink Star Faux Suede Harness Vest
WW-Pnk-star-pink   Pink Star on Pink Dog Collar
WW-Pnk-star-red   Pink Star on Red Dog Collar
HD-3PSD   Pink Strawberry Dog Dress - Hip Doggie
DD-Psg   Pink Sugar Dog Dress
PSD-P-Zebra   Pink Zebra Dog Collars
WW-Pink-Red-   Pink/Red Polka Dot Dog Collar
PP-PD   Pirate Dog Costume
SLpppc   Plain Ultra Suede Collar Lanci - Many colors
CC-CHPNK   Pretty Personalized Dog Collars - Icy Champaign Pink
UC-pug   Pug Dog Collar - CLEARANCE
ST-pp   Pug Puppy Christmas Stocking
PUP-dbgbb   Puppia Dog Bed Gift Box
DD-pppg   Puppy Panties Pink Gingham
PHPP   Puppy paw Print Ornament
SL-Harness-PinkGingham   Puppy Pink with Gingham Small Dog Harness
Ruffpup2   Puppy Treat Pouch
iss-1st   Puppy's First Christmas Dog Tank
WW-PD   Purple Dots Dog Collars
WW-PurpBrn-dot   Purple on Brown Dot Dog Collar
ISSpvd   Purple Velvet Small Dog Dress
ISS-Crmsak   Quilted Cream and Velvet Spot Sack Dog Sling-Last one
HD-Racn   Racing Team Mesh Harness Vest
FDR   Rasta Dog Collar - Fab Dog
WW-Red---rock-star   Red and Blue Rock Star Dog Collar
MPP-RGB   Red and Green Christmas Dog Collars - CLEARANCE
Dashes-RedSuzie   Red and Green Suzie Dog Barrette
Barrette-RedLeo   Red and Leopard Dog Barrette
Barrette-RedZebra   Red and Zebra Dog Barrette
WW-Red-Bandana   Red Bandana Dog Collar
BNB-red   Red Bark N Bag Carrier
dt42   Red Briefs Dog Toy
ST-RD   Red Daschund Christmas Stocking
PP-RF   Red Flame Soft Dog Harness - Puppia Brand
HD-LDB   Red ladybug Costume
dt8   Red Lobster Dog Toy
WW-Red-Martini   Red Martini Dog Collar
WW-RB   Red on Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar
CHA-pld   Red Plaid Holiday Dog Dress
RRAC   Red Rhinestone Airy Collar
HD-Redlong   Red Snowflake Long John's
HD-Rdstr   Red Star Faux Suede Harness Vest Hip Doggie
WW-Red-Star   Red Star on Khaki Dog Collar
dt31   Red Surfboard Toy
ISSred   Red Velvet and Tuille Small Dog Dress
iss-rvv   Red Velvet Holiday Dog Vest
PS-MCDRS   Red Velvet Merry Christmas Dog Dress
CHA-rdmb   Red Velvet with Maribou Dog Dress
dt5   Redbull Energy Dog Toy
Retro Santa   Retro Santa Dog Toys - On Sale
PESl   Reversible Lime/Black dog sling carriers
PEPNK   Reversible Pink & Black dog sling carriers
dt37   Roberto Pawvalli Purse Dog Toy
CC11   Rock Dog Collar Charms
dt34   Rolling Bones Dog Toy
WW-Royal-Plaid   Royal Plaid Dog Collar
sailUC   Sailing Fleet Dog Collar
sftcUC   Sailing Fleet Dog Collars in Teacup sizes
DD-sgstrb   Sailor Boy Stripes Dog Tank
DD-sgstr   Sailor Girl Stripes Dog Dress
swftcUC   Saltwater Fish Dog Collar Teacup
swfUC1   Saltwater Fish Dog Collars
FFD-SBB   Santa Baby Dog PJ'S Outfit - On Sale
DD-SP   Santa Paws Outfit - On Sale
UC-ST   Sea Turtles Dog Collar
sttcUC   Sea Turtles Dog Collar Teacup
UC-sg   Seaglass
SS-SIH   Shalimar Stripe Adjustable Step-in Dog Harness
UC-SH   Shoes Dog Collar
UC-Shztc   Shoes Dog Collar Teacup
Dashes-HoldayPlaid   Simple Red Holiday Plaid Dog Barrette
DDD-Skin   Skinny Dog MarGrrrrrita Toy
WW-Skulls-Red   Skulls and Roses Dog Collar
MPP-bsc   Small Black Dog Collar with rhinestones or pearls
MPP-Prd   Small Red Dog Collar with rhinestones or pearls
SN Bone   Sniffany Bone Dog Toy
snddd   Sniffany Dog Gift Toy
SS-SLP   Snow Leopard Adjustable Step-in Dog Harness
CC9   Sparkly bones dog Collar Charms
CC8   Sparkly Skull dog Collar Charms
spp-hrnpnk   Spiffy Personalized Dog Harness
UC-balls   Sport Balls Dog Collar
CC17   Sport Balls dog Collar Charms
PP-sf   Sprinkle Flirt Dog Harness Dress- Puppia Brand
CC10   Star of David Dog Collar Charms
TWW-sd   Starry Days Collars
wwUC1   Summer Whimsical Whales Dog Collars
UC-sb   Surfboard Dog Collar
UC-sbh   Surfboard harness in XL
SL-Harness-NVBr   Susan Lanci Bow Small Dog Harness - Red
SL-tbspb   Susan lanci Tiff Blue Sparkly Bow Harness
DD-swtpj   Sweet rosebud dog pajamas-on sale
DD-shl   Sweetheart Lavender Red Heart -on sale
Barrette-Taffy   Taffy and Chocolate Dog Barrette
PSD-TaffyChoc   Taffy and Chocolate Dots Dog Collar
Dashes-Tan   Tan and Chocolate Dashes Groomer Dog Barrette
ST-TC   Tan Chihuahuah Stocking
PS-Blingtc   Teacup Bling Name Dog Collars - Leather
Au-Tex   Texas Stars Leather Dog Collars
Barrette-TinkieKiwi   Tinkie's Garden Dog Barrette - Kiwi
Barrette-TinkieRaspberry   Tinkie's Garden Dog Barrette - Raspberry
Barrette-TinkieTang   Tinkie's Garden Dog Barrette - Tangerine
SL-Harness-TinkKiwi   Tinkie's Garden Dog Harness - Kiwi
SL-Harness-TinkRasp   Tinkie's Garden Dog Harness - Raspberry
SL-Harness-TinkTangerine   Tinkie's Garden Dog Harness - Tangerine
CC-tiny   Tiny Teacup puppy Night Leopard Collar / Leash / Harness Set
Barrette-TurqGiraffe   Turquoise and Giraffe Dog Barrette
WW-turq-blue   Turquoise/Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar
DD-TRT   Turtle small dog Costume
DD-UCF   Ultra Choke Free Dog Harness
DD-US   Uncle Sam Dog Costume
dt49   Valentine's Heart Dog Toys
HD-3VCW   Very Cherry Dog Dress Hip Doggie
OLD0-vb   Vintage Blossom Dog Carrier
DD-wtr   Watermelon Harness Style Dog Dress on sale
CH-Bride   Wedding Dog Collar
wwUC   Whimsical Whales Dog Collar Teacup
dt18   White Chewy Vuiton Dog Toy
Au-wl   White Leather Dog Collars
ww-UC   White wedding Dog Collar
WW-Wild-Roses   Wild Roses on Green Dog Collar
PP-WD   Wonder Dog Costume
UC-Ydot   Yellow and navy dots Dog Collars-CLEARANCE
BOP   Yellow Dog Sweater
DD-ppyl   Yellow Polka Dot Puppy Panties
ST-YRK   Yorkie Christmas Stocking
zz-rd   Zebra and red Dog Collar large - on sale

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