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DOGG-DROC   4 Daisy Pink Hemp Walking Harness Dress
dt30   A New Puppy Cooling Teething Stick
DT-31   A New Puppy Cuddle Pal by pet stages
Ork-pt   A Orka Puppy Teethers
dt39   A Puppy Toy Soft Toss Ring Chew Mini
UC-Alligator   Alligator Dog Collar
UC-AllHar   Alligator Dog Harness
DD-arh   America River Ultra Choke Free Soft Mesh Dog Harness
ZZ-af   American Flag Small Dog Sweater
UC-AA   Anchors Aweigh Dog Collar
WW-Aqua-Star   Aqua Star on Turquoise Dog Collar
dt245   Arfsolut vodka Plush Puppy Toy
TWW-atb   At The Beach Woven Collars
Barrette-BabyPink   Baby Pink and White Ribbon Dog Barrette
dt48   Ballon figure Dog Toys
dt19   Bark Jacobs Handbag Dog Toy
dt12   Barkentino Grrrravino Shoe Dog Toy
dt13   Barkin Bag
ZZ1   Barrel Dog Carrier Faux Croc
ST-bs   Beagle Christmas Stocking
RuffPup   Big Puppy Teethers
MPP-BSPK   Big Spiked Jewel and Leather Dog Collars
dogg1   Biker Caps
DOGG-DRS   Biker Harness Small Dog Dress
DOGG-DRV   Biker Harness Small Dog Vest
dt45   Birthday Cakes Dog Toy
HB-HPM   Birthday Small Dog Barrette
ISSTC   Black & Cheetah Small Dog Sling
DDDBB   Black Biker Boot Dog Toy
DD-sgbbrb   Black Bling Biker Dog Tank
Skull-Black   Black Bow Skull Dog Barrette
SL-BlackCuddle   Black Cuddle Cup Dog Blanket by Susan Lanci
EC-BH   Black Hats Halloween dog collar
DD-BIKh   Black Hawaiian Bikini Top
EC-BJ   Black Jack-O Halloween dog collar
EC-BJSml   Black Jack-O Halloween dog collar-Petite
UC-lab   Black lab Dog Collar - CLEARANCE
MPP-MPBFC   Black Leather Croc and Crystal Dog Collars
Dashes-Licorice   Black Licorice Dog Barrette
HD-BLKM   Black Mesh with skull dog harness
dt10   Black Motorcycle Cap-dog-toy
HD-Blkstr   Black Star Faux Suede Harness Vest
dt35   Black Stud Dog Toy
ISStwD   Black Velvet Dog Dress
Mpp-VH   Black Velvet Halloween dog collars
PS-MCDsh   Black Velvet Merry Christmas Dog Shirt
WW-Bl-Bandana   Blue Bandana Dog Collar
WW-Blue-Martini   Blue Martini Dog Collar
WW-BB   Blue on Brown Polka Dot Dog Collar
cc-bp   Blue Penguins Dog Collar
Dashes-BlueSnow   Blue Snowflake Dog Barrette
WW-Bl-Star-Red   Blue Star on Red Dog Collar
WW-BluebirdCherry   Bluebird & Cherry Dog Collar
UC-BNZ   Bones Dog Collar
PSD-BBlue   Boy Blue Dog Collar
UC-BB   Bright Bones Dog Collar
WW-Bl-Brn   Brown on Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar
SS-BPB   Brown Paintball Adjustable Step-in Dog Harness
WW-Brn-Plaid   Brown Plaid Dog Collar
WW-Brn-Star-on-Blk   Brown Star on Black Dog Collar
ISSbvd   Brown Velvet Small Dog Dress
YB-bd   Bulldog Baseball Cap with zippered pocket
DD-FB   Bumble Bee Puppy Costume
PP-bc   Buttercup Flowers Small Dog Harness - Puppia Brand
TWW-cmf   Camas Lilly Durable Dog Collar
SL-cmlynx   Camel and Lynx Cuddle Cup Dog Blanket by Susan Lanci
dt14   Camo Rope Dog Toys
UC-cac   Camouflage Dog Collar - Small
PSD-Candystriper   Candy Striper Dog Collar
SL-Harness-CheetahBaby   Cheetah Baby Print Small Dog Harness
SL-Harness-CheetahBLK   Cheetah Black Pinafore Small Dog Harness
DOGG-DROCH   Cheetah Harness Dress
SL-110CHT1PIN   Cheetah Pinafore Susan lanci Harness
SL-Harness-CheetahBow   Cheetah Print Big Bow Small Dog Harness
dt38   Chewnel Purse Dog Toy
cvdt   Chewy Vuiton Bone Dog Toy
iss-397   Chick Magnet Tank on sale
UC-ch   Chickens
WW-Choc-Martini   Chocolate Martini Dog Collar
dt15   Christion Loubarking Shoes Dog Toys
CHA-ppp   Christmas dog dress - Peppermint Paddy
dt230   Chuicy Couture Dog Toy
cin-CC   Cinnamon and Gold Dog Barrette
dt17   Classic Brown Chewy Vuiton Plush Dog Toy
DSD-AB   Clear aurora Swarovski Bling Dog Necklaces
UC-CSS   Coral Seashells Dog Collar Teacup
ST-cgd   Corgi Dog Christmas Stocking
dt24   Cosmuttppawlitan Plush Toy
DD-Cb   Cowboy small dog Costume
DD-CG   Cowgirl small dog Costume
dt22   Credit Card Barkingdales Plush Toy
CC5   Crowns dog Collar Charms
Barrette-CrysBone   Crystal Bone Dog Barrette
Barrette-Poppy   Crystal Poppy Flower Dog Barrette Collection
dt41   Cuban Cigar Dog Toy
UC-cupcake   Cupcake Dog Collar
UC-CCHar   Cupcakes Dog Harness
PSD-dd   Cute Dog Collars Daisy Diva
CC-tutu   Cute Pink Ballerina Dog Dress
CC2   Cutie or Diva Collar Charms
Barrette-DaisyPink   Daisy Diva Dog Barrette - Pink
Barrette-Daisy-Diva   Daisy Diva Dog Barrette - Red
Barrette-DaisyYellow   Daisy Diva Dog Barrette - Yellow
MD-dd   Demon dog costume
DD-dddzy   Denim & Daisy Dog Dress Blue
CC15   Doggles Sunglasses
CC14   Doggles Sunglasses Copper K9 Optix
CC13   Doggles Sunglasses Pink K9 Optix
dt29   Dogior Purse Dog Toys
PE-dgs   Dogzilla Costume on sale
dt9   Dolce-Grr-bonea-bag-dog-toy
UC-Koi   Dragon & Koi Dog Collar
WW-earth-plaid   Earth Tone Plaid Dog Collar
CH-East   Easter Dog Collar
PP-es   Essence Small Dog Harness - Puppia Brand
DD-FBp   Fairy Bee Puppy Costume
MPP_PMP   Festive Dog Halloween Collars
Barrette-Fireworks   Fireworks Dog Bow
UC-fly   Flying Mom Dog Collar
CC-Clgzm   Foxy Personalized Dog Collars - Glitzy Magenta
CC-ClpnkH   Foxy Personalized Dog Collars - Hot Pink
CC-Cpur   Foxy Personalized Dog Collars - Hot Purple
CC-Clpnk   Foxy Personalized Dog Collars with Bling- Glitzy Pink
Frosty -small   Frosty Snowman Dog Toy - For small dogs
UC-FBP   Fueberry Plaid dog collar
Barrette-FunDots   Fun Dots Dog Barrette
CC18   Gift Box Dog Collar Charms
HD-gbck   Gingerbread Cookie Dog Shirt
HD-gir   Giraffe Costume
CC6   Glam Grrl dog Collar Charms
WW-gldRD   Gold/Red Dot Polka Dot Dog Collar
PSD-gp   Good and Plenty Dog Collars
Barrette-Plenty   Good and Plenty Dots Dog Barrette
WW-graffiti   Graffiti Dog Collar
UC-blo   Green Blooms Dog Collar
UC-bloH   Green Blooms Dog Harness
WW-Green   Green Dot Polka Dot Dog Collar
UC-grf   Green floral Dog Collar - CLEARANCE
WW-Green-Martini   Green Martini Dog Collar
WW-Green-brn   Green on Brown Polka Dot Dog Collar
DOGG-DROG   Green Skull Harness Dress
WW-GreenStar   Green Stars on Purple Dog Collar
WW-Groovy-girl   Groovy Girl Dog Collar
SL-bcpp   Hair Bows in Cheetah - On Sale
UC-HJ   Happy Jack Halloween Dog Collar
CC4   Hearts Dog Collar Charms
Au-hl   Heirloom Leather Dog Collars
HD-blkskl   Hip Doggie Black Skull Faux Suede Harness Vest
HD-CS   Hip Doggie Camo Star Mesh Dog Harness
iss-tvst   Holiday Dog Vest - Teacup sizes - On Sale
UC-HM   Holiday Mittens Dog Collar
DD-HPKW   Hot Pink and Kiwi Dog Dress
Dashes-HotPink   Hot Pink Dashes Dog Barrette
Barrette-PinkZebra   Hot Pink Zebra Dog Barrette
dt4   I-Bone Dog Toy
dt7   I-Paw Dog Toy
ST-jitc   Jack In the City Dog Christmas Stocking
UC-JK   Jack Russell Dog Collar - CLEARANCE
ST-JR   Jack Russell Needlepoint Stocking
jts-cc   Jake the Plush Snake Dog Toys
CC-jex   Jezbelle Harness Dress
dt44   Kennel One Dog Toy
CC16   Key to My Heart dog Collar Charms
kisuc   Kisses dog collar
cvkc   Koko Chewnel Perfume Toy
UC-ldb   Ladybug Dog Collar
ldbtcUC   ladybug Dog collar teacup
PSD-Lav-Daisy   Lavender Daisy Diva Dog Collar
DD-LPDG   Lavender party Garden Dress Doggie Design
C2C-ofs   Legs Out Front Carrier - Small
Barrette-Lemon   Lemon Dots Dog Barrette
PSD-LemonYellow   Lemon Yellow Dots Dog Collar
DSD-rs1   Light Pink Swarovski Bling Dog Necklaces
WW-LB   Lime on Blue Polka Dot Dog Collar
MD-Li   Lion costume for small dog
iss-lfc   Little Firecracker Dog Tank
ISSLMP   Little Miss Perfect Dog Dress
ISSrvD   Little Red Velvet Dog Dress
lbtcUC   Lobster and Buoy Small Teacup Dog Collar
UC-Lobster   Lobster Dog Collar
UC-lck   Lucky Dog Collar
CC7   Maltese Cross dog Collar Charms
iss-MCSF   Merry Christmas Snowflakes Dog Tank
iss-MC   Merry Christmas Tree Dog Tank
PS-Met-CLR   Metallic Leather Dog Collars with Bling
MPP-PM   Metallic Personalized Dog Collars
MPP-MPLB   Metallic PInk Leather and Crystal Dog Collars
WW-Modern-pink   Modern Pink Plaid Dog Collar
MD-mnk   Monkey costume for teacup dogs
WW-Moss-Brown   Moss/Brown Dot Polka Dot Dog Collar
DD-MSP   Mrs. Santa Paws Outfit - On Sale
UC-mum   Mums
dt23   Muttgarita Plush Dog Toy
MPP-metp   Name Bling Dog Collars - 2 tiered Metallic
UC-PP   Natural paws Dog Collar
NauflaUC   Nautical Flags Dog Collar

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