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Trendy Puppy
Dog collars and Small Dog harness

Trendy Puppy
Dog collars and Small Dog harness

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Trendy Endeavors parent company Since 2004
Trendy Puppy is a division of Trendy Endeavors. Trendy Puppy/ Trendy Endeavors are dedicated to providing you with quality goods and services for your best friend and companion-your dog.

We started our online pet boutique after having purchased a cheap $9.99 dog collar with so called "rhinestones" from a doggie superstore. It had a cheap plastic mount spray painted with silver paint glued onto brightly colored nylon. The rhinestones were plastic. Within 2 weeks the silver had worn away from the setting leaving the cheap white plastic mounting showing and the so called crystals had become dull and scratched. We were so disappointed with the poor quality in those large "smart" type pet stores that we vowed to find good quality, reasonably priced dog collars and goods. We think we have done just that! The 4.99 you pay for shipping and handling with our store is much less than the time and gas and wear and tear on your car driving to the mall.

Legal Notices
By purchasing any items from our website you are agreeing to not hold Trendy Endeavors/Trendy Puppy liable for any damage to you, your pet or anyone else while using our products. You should be aware of any food or product allergies your pet has and we will not be responsible for any allergic reactions occurring from the use of any or our products or our food. Our bling dog collars are meant to be decorative collars and not intended for training collars. If you have a strong dog that needs training then by all means..get them a training collar. You are responsible for the safety of your pet and those around you. Our honesty and integrity stand behind our products. If you are not happy with a product for any reason just return it within 60 days. See our returns page for more info. One thing we wish to make you aware of. We realize that telling the size of items is difficult with using just pictures. We try to include complete descriptions of all or our products along with measurements. Get out your ruler! Sorry, but we can't be responsible for damage your dog does to our goods. Let's face it. Dogs chew and bite naturally.
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