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We have a great selection of every day dresses and tanks for your dog. teacup and Small dog clothes  Be sure to use our pet sizing chart for each item of dog clothes that you order. Each designer uses a slightly different sizing scale. You know, just like humans sizes vary. So do dogs. There are designer dog clothes for all breeds, big and small. Whatever your style in dog clothes you will have fun shopping our online dog boutique full of great dog fashions. Cute dog clothes for small dogs and teacup dogs.
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We've got the most wonderful line of dog clothes. People have fallen in love with the notion of their pets fully clothed like tiny people. Our line of puppy and dog clothes is so cute and all are guaranteed.
Just like human clothing, dog clothes are available for almost every occasion Harnesses, sweaters, vests, sweatshirts, t-shirts, bling wear, shorts, pants, doggie diapers and costumes are available for dogs.
We are proud to offer high quality dog clothes at reasonable prices.
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